Sunday, 5 November 2017

How To Make A Twitter Bot In 10 Minutes

Step 1: 

Phone verify your Twitter account: 

You need a phone verified Twitter account to create a Twitter App that would work as your bot.

Step 2: 

Create a Twitter App: 

Go to and create a new App.

Fill in the details (leave callback URL blank for the time being). If you don't have a website, just keep your Twitter profile link as the website. For example, 
Once you create the application, you will be taken to the page below. Copy your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret to Notepad and click the button to Generate your Access Token and Access Secret.  

Save your access token to Notepad.

Step 3:

Creation of RT/Reply Bot:

At this point, you can create a bot that automatically retweets or replies to tweets containing a particular search term, phrase, hashtag or any criteria you can make using an Advanced Twitter Search. You can also use this to build lists.
Sign in to your Google Account and go to this link:
Fill in the details saved previously on Notepad. Input your Twitter Search criteria and choose a subsequent action. Also, check Twitter Search Examples for Twitter Bots from Digital Inspiration

Step 4: 

Create a bot the sends scheduled tweets:

This a bot that will tweet from a database of tweets you have saved already on Google Sheets. You can set the interval for tweeting and much more.

Make a copy of this spreadsheet and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, comment below. 

Monday, 2 October 2017

How To Connect External Hard Disk To Mobile Phone?

You can connect using a USB OTG - Y cable (or a simple USB OTG cable if your phone port has enough power). If you are using a Y cable, you need a power bank.

If your hard drive is using NTFS file format, your phone may not detect it. But you can use ES File Explorer to access it in Android. OTG Cables are cheap and you can buy a decent one on Amazon. This one has good reviews: Micro USB OTG Host Cable USB Power for Samsung Phone i9100 i9220 i9250

Sunday, 24 September 2017

How To Sort Files Into Folders By Filetype in Windows

Hello Again! Today I am going to give you a little tip on tidying up your cluttered windows desktop/downloads folder. If you are a messy person who downloads or saves images, pdf and every other file on your desktop for ease of access and forgets to clean up after, you are not alone! My desktop is a mess most of the time and I hardly get time to clean it up! Same goes for my downloads folder where I have movies, music or even documents lying unattended. So, I did some research and found this awesome trick!

I am going to show you how to sort files in a folder into subfolders based on filetype in one click. After effect would be a bunch of folders like this with all your files sorted into respective folders! Now you can move them wherever you want.

Here is how to do it:

Open Windows Notepad and paste the below code:

@echo off
rem For each file in your folder
for %%a in (".\*") do (
rem check if the file has an extension and if it is not our script
if "%%~xa" NEQ ""  if "%%~dpxa" NEQ "%~dpx0" (
rem check if extension folder exists, if not it is created
if not exist "%%~xa" mkdir "%%~xa"
rem Move the file to directory
move "%%a" "%%~dpa%%~xa\"
And save as FolderByType.bat 
While saving the file, make sure you select type as "all files" like shown below:

Now, place the bat file in whichever folder you'd like to clean up. Double click and wait for the magic!

Caution: Don't run this batch file in system folders, root folders or installation directories. I suggest you use it in Downloads folder or Desktop where you have a large number of unsorted files. 
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