Tuesday, 19 March 2013

How To Install Google Apps and other apk on Kindle Fire HD without rooting

The new Kindle Fire HD from amazon is a killer Android tablet with great features. But there is a problem, it is a locked system just like Apple's over priced i Devices :P It is a real pity that Amazon has created an Android tab and blocked Google completely out of the system.But it's a clever move by Amazon to keep  their market share. You can install apps from Amazon App Store but that is nothing compared to the plethora of apps available on Google Play Store. On top of that, there is even geographical restriction for purchasing free apps. You cannot install Google Play Store. But there are moded versions of Google's own apps like Gmail, Google Plus, Google Books, Blogger etc. You have to install  Google framework and Google login first. This is because the Kindle Fire HD does not have an option to attach a Google account to the device. 

Or you can overcome this by rooting though. But who wants to root their brand new Kindle with so many free Amazon services? And what if you end up screwing up your device? You get a bricked Kindle Fire HD with no warranty!!! So don't root it unless you are sure of what you are doing.

So here is the workaround, 

Go to Settings and Device settings>>Toggle ON the Allow Installation of Application from Unknown Sources and follow the steps.


Step 1: On your Kindle Fire HD, go to: More > Security > Enable ADB (Turn this ON)This setting is necessary for SnapPea to connect to your Kindle Fire HD! The old Kindle Fire (non-HD) has USB debugging enabled by default, so this step wasn't necessary. 

Step 2:On your computer, download and install SnapPea for Windows: www.snappea.com SnapPea is the easiest way to manage your Kindle Fire HD from the desktop!

Step 3:Use a Micro-USB cable to connect your Kindle Fire HD to your computer. Open SnapPea for Windows and it’ll automatically connect to your phone and install the SnapPea app on your Kindle (so that you can start side-loading apps). You’re all set!

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